20 Nov

The Year 5 students have been busily working on their Year 5 PYP Exhibition, with the theme, How we express ourselves, under the central idea, “The Arts can be a vehicle for change”.

The Year 5 Exhibition
The Year 5 Exhibition is the culminating activity of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.

It represents a significant event for the students as part of their IB journey. It allows the students to use their knowledge, skills and understandings to conduct a self-directed inquiry, with the opportunity to share their learnings with the school community.

Re-imaging the Exhibition
With the restrictions of Covid-19, the students and teachers re-imagined the Exhibition to ensure that it met current guidelines.

Collaboratively they came up with the idea of filming a Behind The Scenes (BTN) episode on a subject of their choosing and uploading it to Google Classrooms so their parents/caregivers could view their work from the safety of their home.

Investigating local and global issues
The students identified both local and global issues they wanted to gain greater insight into. From there, groups were formed with students sharing similar passions.

After the students’ initial research they formulated questions to delve deeper into their topic; seeking answers from both primary and secondary sources, collecting data and increasing their knowledge and understanding.

Taking Action
Through this investigation the students were able to identify ways to take action.

One group, investigating different types of ocean pollution, decided to take action at their local beach. The group went down to Glenelg beach on the weekend and did a beach clean-up, managing to fill two big bags worth of rubbish.

Another group, investigating animal cruelty, wrote a letter of protest against plans to build a puppy farm.

Creating BTN Episodes
The students collaborated with their teachers and specialty subject teachers to create various materials to contribute to the production of their BTN episode.

The students created music, logos, sculptures, paintings, wrote letters and narratives, plus created many other forms of artistic expression to effectively communicate their topics of investigation to the wider community.

Tips from BTN Creator
The children were lucky enough to have a Zoom session with one of the actual BTN creators, Cale Matthews, who was able to offer some useful tips in using a green screen for filming.

Each group filmed their episodes, using editing software to finalise their episodes and uploaded it to Google Classrooms. The students have enjoyed being able to share their work with their family and loved ones through the accessible format of film.

Highlights and Learnings
Some of the students commented on what they have learnt and/or what the best part of the project was:

“Being able to film our work was the best part.” – Caden

“This process really developed my time management skills.” – Aasha

“Being creative, researching and working in a group.” – Lucy

“The most rewarding part was doing the beach clean-up.” – Jake, Phoebe & Lara

“Learning about all the different types of ocean pollution and the editing process.” – Nicholas & Andrew

Article by Eleanor Blight, Year 5 Teacher.