13 Dec

The Year 5 PYP Exhibition showcased students’ learning, culminating in some engaging and interactive displays.

SPW Year 5 PYP Exhibition gender equality 2021

Our enthusiastic Year 5 students were highly engaged in the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry, for Exhibition this term. The Exhibition draws on all the units of inquiry our students have been part of, the attitudes and behaviours they have developed, as well as the skills students have developed over their entire schooling experience – a real celebration of learning.

SPW Year 5 PYP exhibition Climate action

The Exhibition involved the students in advocating for a Global Goal from the 17 Sustainable goals that they were personally connected to and passionate about through creative communication and various art forms.

SPW Year 5 PYP exhibition presentation

SPW Year 5 PYP exhibition presentationWith the support of mentors, guest presenters and experts, the students were guided through their personal inquiries, collaborating to effectively communicate their message, ‘The arts can be a vehicle for change’. Using the inquiry cycle they worked collaboratively with their peers to deepen their understanding using concepts to question. They used and developed their social, communication, thinking, research and self-management skills.

SPW Year 5 PYP exhibition presentation

On the evening of Wednesday 17 November, the parents and families of the Year 5 students were presented with engaging and interactive displays showcasing their process of learning, thought provoking art, design technology, drama and musical items all of which is shared on their google site.

SPW Year 5 PYP Exhibition presentation

Many thanks to all involved; students, and the St Peter’s Woodlands staff who mentored.

Thank you to Lisa Harris, PYP & Enrichment Coordinator, for sharing this story.