05 Mar

During Week 3, Year 6 and 7 students had a fabulous time visiting Clayton Bay as part of their camp experience.

Lifelong memories were created during the 3 days with a range of water and land based activities, keeping everyone busy. The weather was beautiful and the new location was a definite hit.

Activities and building confidence
Activities included: Surfing, Kayaking, Cultural Walk, Save Your Skier, Shelter Building and a hike, not forgetting the night walk, mini Olympics and team games organised by the teachers in the evenings.

Everyone made the most of each experience, embracing challenges and building confidence, independence, self-esteem and resilience – what an amazing learning experience – great job!

Meal time preparations and cleaning
Quantities and portion sizes went out the window when the trangia cooking commenced with some groups cooking enough pasta to feed Goolwa!

Although a tricky piece of equipment, the children all mastered the trangia in the end, even if the fuel did need to be re-filled 4 times!

Pot washing skills were certainly improved, although the ratio of washing up liquid to water were interesting to say the least. The students worked together and supported each other superbly throughout the week – what a wonderful Term 1 bonding experience.

Camp highlights
Highlights included the surfing, kayaking and the team games and night activities. Although for some, the bus journey was also a highlight!

It was fantastic to see such great team spirit, alongside some impressive collaboration, cooperation and problem solving. Roll on Canberra Trip!

“I loved all of the activities, particularly surfing. As I had some experience, I was able to support my peers. The activities took my mind off missing home. I learnt not to count the days, but to make the days count.” – Nicholas

“I had a great time hanging out with my friends and meeting new people. It was a great way to start the year. If you like surfing, go to Clayton Bay! “#surfsup” ” – Andrew

“I made many movie moments I wouldn’t trade for anything.” – Jesse

“I made friends with 3 Year 6 students and it was fun playing murder in the dark with them.” – Sian

Article by Lynn Lee, Year 7 Teacher.