13 Dec

Term 4 saw the inaugural Year 6 Social and Farewell service at SPW.

The Year 6 Social – 80s themed

After a busy week with the classes out on Bay Experience, the night of the Year 6 Social arrived.

Excitement hung in the air as students mingled on Nutter Thomas Oval. The students decided that they wanted the Social to be fancy dress and had chosen an 80s theme.

Lycra, neon, some very short shorts and a bit more lycra and neon were on display wherever you turned your head. Students and staff alike had really gone to town, dressing up like members of Wham, pilots from Top Gun, and Boy George to name a few.

The students danced and sang the night away to the tunes of the 80s, making memories which will last a lifetime. Through the night, laughter rang through the room and smiles were everywhere you looked.

The Year 6 Farewell Service

The inaugural Farewell Service was an evening to remember; an opportunity to mark a significant milestone in the lives of those Year 6 students departing SPW to begin their next adventure in middle school.

The evening included wonderful musical contributions from Year 6 students as well as a service led by Rev’d Michele. The faces of the students told a story as they watched the collage of the year that was. Their smiles and laughter when watching their Year 6 photos highlighted the wonderful opportunities they have had and, memories they have created.

The evening concluded with the presentation of the Year 6 leavers, where a special memory written by each student was shared.

Memories shared included:

I will never forget the great teachers I have had, the opportunities that I have been given and especially the amazing friendships I have made – Lily

SPW isn’t just a school, it’s a community with wonderful people, and I’ll never forget all of the fun and exciting memories that have happened throughout my amazing journey – Georgia

My best memory from SPW is when the Year 6s went to camp and we set up tents then cooked our own meals – Ethan

One thing I will never forget about SPW is the amazing people I met and how kind, caring and generous they are –Jiorjia

I will always remember the great memories that SPW has given me, they have made me who I am – Ruby

A lesson I learned at SPW is it’s always a good day to be a good guy – James

The Year 6 Social and Farewell marked a significant moment in the lives of many Year 6 students.

Both events were a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the years the students have spent together before they start on their next adventure at high school.

Thank you to Kerry Ramsay, Acting Deputy Principal, for sharing this story.