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This week, Wednesday 27 May to Wednesday 3 June, is Reconciliation Week. We acknowledge today as Sorry Day. To help with our understanding Year 2 students have been sharing a new picture book which explains Sorry Day, titled ‘Stories for Simon’. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Tue May 26th

SPW Students Go Without Electricity to Raise Awareness of Homelessness
The Student Representative Council (SRC) have organised a ‘Go without Day’ on Tuesday 26 May as a way of raising awareness of homelessness and the work of the Hutt Street Centre. All learning spaces are going without electricity for the day. No computers, iPads, Interactive whiteboards, phones, lights etc will be used between 8.30am and 3.15pm. No electric bell will operate to signal class times; instead the members of the SRC will use a hand held bell to signal the end of breaks.
It is hoped that by going without something which we consider essential for one day, students will gain an understanding of some of the challenges people facing homelessness encounter every day.
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Posted on Mon May 25th

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Sophie MoursellasGreat idea3 days ago

Hutt Street CentreGreat idea and thank you for your ongoing support - it means a great deal to people facing homelessness right here in South Australia. Keep up the great work!13 hours ago

Derryn BrummerNice idea, but I suggest turning off the power without giving any warning, with little opportunity to pre-plan. That's reality for us in South Africa2 days ago

Donna MarnaneWell done2 days ago

Leanne RouvrayLeanne Rouvray Paul Rouvray3 days ago

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Today Principal Christopher Prance launched the Foundation Annual Giving Appeal. The filming took place in our new learning spaces in the Year 6 and 7 Centre.

This is the first of a series of videos launching the annual appeal. Our Year 7 students have filmed and produced this series of videos using the IT facilities in the Multi-Media Studio and they will be posted over the coming weeks.
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Posted on Mon May 25th

Video screenshot

It was perfect weather for our Junior Primary Fun Run this morning. There was lots of colour, movement and laughter around our school. Thank you to the children who participated so willingly, to the parents for joining in and to the Year 7 students who kept everyone on track. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Fri May 22nd

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Christie ThompsonIt was a great morning and the kids had a great time esp red rover with the year 's who made it that much more fun for the JP kids 💕6 days ago

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Thank you to the Year 7’s who took us back to the times of Ancient Egypt in Chapel this morning. As part of their study of ancient civilizations they told the story of Moses beautifully with a jaw dropping rendition of El Shaddai. This morning was another amazing example of student leadership from our very talented Year 7 children. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Thu May 21st

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Mary Stojanov-DikoYes please. I had to work😔6 days ago

Rhoni McFarlaneAny more photos?1 week ago

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Year 6 Class Captains announced the STAR - Students Taking Action Recognition Award this afternoon at Assembly. This is a peer driven award and children who show any of our four school values may be nominated. Each week two students will be presented with a special star badge and a certificate.
Our first two recipients are pictured here with our very own ESO Paul Mesecke who was asked to officially launch this prestigious award as someone who represents our SPW values – Wonder, Courage, Respect and Service.
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Posted on Tue May 19th

Mary Stojanov-Diko, Cathy Ann and 23 others like this

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Tina KellyWell done Miss Jessie!! X1 week ago

Deb DisburyOh wow! That's very cool!1 week ago

Rikki TurnerAwesome!! Good job Jessie x1 week ago

Natalie MillsGreat stuff Jessie 😚1 week ago

Jessica HansenWell done 👍👍1 week ago

Bronwyn WilsonPaul Mesecke - Very deserved of this award!!1 week ago

Karen ArbornWell done jessie tayla!!! Fantastic darlin girl xox1 week ago

Robyn M RouvrayCongratulations Astin. Well done.1 week ago

Tracy Ann BryowskyNice work Jessie :-)1 week ago

Mandy Trevor QuantrillStill miss this school1 week ago

Bronny BrooksCongrats Jess!1 week ago

Lauren LongmanGo Jessie!!! :-)1 week ago

Mary Stojanov-DikoAston Rouvray you're a cutie petition6 days ago

Ben TuohyJT Legend!7 days ago

Reegan KnowlesJT you absolute champion!!!! Xxx1 week ago

Catherine GuseWell done to both recipients!! Very cool award! xxxx1 week ago

Kelly WelchWell done Jessie! Grace asked if you got the award for being cheeky! 😉6 days ago

Carol DarbyWell done Jessie!1 week ago

Kate BenjaminWell done Little G!! xx1 week ago

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SPW Parents please note that Qkr is now up and running again. Mastercard have now fixed the technical issues. You can place your order for tomorrow as usual. Apologies for any inconvenience. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Tue May 19th

Congratulations Kane on a fantastic career, best of luck for the new chapter in your life from the SPW community.
Photo courtesy of: Adelaide now
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Posted on Fri May 15th

Nanette Johnson, Mary Stojanov-Diko and 23 others like this

Helen McDonaldBeautiful family and photo.2 weeks ago

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Our website is currently undergoing an update.

You may have difficulty accessing our website with the spw.sa.edu.au address. Please access all information at stpeterswoodlands.sa.edu.au for the moment.

The spw.sa.edu.au site will be back up soon. We thank you for your patience.
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Posted on Thu May 14th

We had such a wonderful morning with our mothers and grandmothers who were able to join us for the ‘Celebrating Mums’ Breakfast. Thank you to the PFA for the fabulous guest speakers, great food and fantastic company. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Fri May 8th

Well done to all children who ran in the House Cross Country Cup today, you competed beautifully and cheered on your team mates very loudly. Congratulations to Eyre House for taking out the 2015 title. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Fri May 8th