A lifelong love of learning

We instill a sense of joy, wonder, curiosity and purpose in every child.

Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre is a place where learning is an adventure and curiosity comes to life for children aged two to five years. We help our youngest children develop positive attitudes towards their learning and grasp the right foundational skills.


Our Primary School is a place where students are nurtured to be happy, creative and educated young people who care for others and make a positive difference in the world. We offer a community where young minds thrive.

Inclusive Education

At St Peter’s Woodlands we believe every student has the right to learn at a pace and level that supports their individual needs.

Learning Approach

St Peter’s Woodlands supports children on their own learning journey through the delivery of a progressive curriculum.


The Extra-Curricular programs at St Peter’s Woodlands are designed to help children develop critical life-long skills. From sports to musicals to poetry recitals, the breadth of opportunities available is extraordinary.

Student Leadership

Throughout their time at St Peter’s Woodlands all children are considered leaders and are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

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