The St Peter’s Woodlands School Council has responsibility for the overall governance of the school. It acts as the custodian and guardian of the organisation and has control and management of the school and its property. It is also a source of collective leadership within the school in partnership with the Principal.

School Council is governed by the Constitution of St Peter’s Woodlands and members of School Council have legal and ethical responsibilities. Most decisions are made collaboratively without formal motions and candid, independent discussion is encouraged.


Members of the School Council are nominated for three years. This is a voluntary role for which there is no remuneration. Members of the School Council have important legal and ethical duties and obligations which includes a Code of Conduct.

School Council Profiles

Members of the Council come from the St Peter’s Anglican Parish (including the Rector), from the Anglican Diocese, from the St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association and parent body. In addition, the School Council makes five additional skill based appointments.



If you are interested in more information about the role of School Council, you can find out more about the Process for Appointment for a School Council Member by downloading the document below or please contact the Chair of the SPW School Council.

  • School Council Appointment Process
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