Inclusive Education

Supporting all children to thrive.

Children are diverse learners

At St Peter’s Woodlands we believe every student has the right to learn at a pace and level that supports their individual needs.

Our Inclusive Education team offers a range of support structures including small group intervention, individual intervention, psychological support and in class support. The team caters for children who require additional help in literacy and numeracy, as well as catering for gifted students and children who require support with emotional regulation.

Many Allied Health Services can be accessed on site including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Child Psychology, Counselling and Physiotherapy.

Our Inclusive Education team works collaboratively with educators, students, parents and Allied Health Professionals to ensure the best outcomes for the students in our care.

Jo Hirst, Tina Day and Steph Eustice

Tina Day, Head of Inclusive Education

Tina and her team work with teachers to provide training and support, as well with parents and students to create personal and education plans.

P: 08 8295 4317
E: [email protected]

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