Project RISE

St Peter’s Woodlands Bespoke Learning Framework

Project RISE

Project RISE is a bespoke learning framework developed by St Peter’s Woodlands and designed to provide the very best learning environment and outcomes for each and every student.

Project RISE aims to develop a culture in which there is a clear and collective understanding of the valued and sought-after outcomes of education and the character strengths developed as a result of that education, underpinning and driving everything we do at school, including the Australian Curriculum content, the timetable, how we assess students, communication with parents, reporting and most important of all the pedagogical style of every member of staff. By using a combination of the this, and actively seeking feedback from our students to monitor the effectiveness of our teaching, St Peter’s Woodlands is committed to paving the way for a successful learning journey for each and every child.

RISE stands for Research-driven, Innovative, Student-centred and Extraordinary

Project Rise is a learning Framework that will deliver the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and is underpinned by robust research and supported by professional partnerships including:

  • Harvard University’s Project Zero – a partnership with Dr Ron Ritchhart with Cultures of Thinking being firmly embedded in our Project Rise Framework
  • Dr John Sweller’s work on Cognitive Load Theory underpins many of the pedagogical decisions and foundations of Project Rise
  • Kath Murdoch’s work on the Inquiry Cycle will used to frame and guide the Inquiry part of pedagogy in Project Rise
  • The Science of Reading approach to teaching literacy.

Project RISE will not be a stagnate framework. SPW has made the commitment to be thought leaders and way makers in the area of Primary Education. This does not mean innovation for innovation’s sake. Rather this is a commitment to be at the fore of new educational research, to create an innovative, open, creative and trustworthy place for students to grow, take risks and feel comfortable as they develop as learners. At SPW we value the explicit instruction in core literacy and numeracy skills as well as providing children with the opportunity to explore and solve real world problems, which sends a message that their voice matters.

Project Rise acknowledges that students learn best when they’re interested in what they’re learning. Allowing children to have an input into their education, in a safe, curated  environment, will allow them to transition from being passive learners to active ones. From insular citizens to global citizens who take a real interest in the world beyond their immediate community and are prepared to take action.

Our student-centred approach is designed to foster creativity and collaboration. Acknowledging that students prefer different ways of learning and absorb information at different paces.

Project RISE has been designed with the school Vision firmly at front of mind, which is to nurture our students to be happy, creative, and educated young people who care for others and make a positive difference in the world. The school Mission is to be a welcoming and dynamic learning community; delivering extraordinary educational outcomes. Every element of Project RISE is designed using the lens of “extraordinary”. We want to bring out the best in every child – in their learning, their character, the opportunities they take, the friendships they develop, their spirituality and in their service to the wider community.


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