Play, discover, learn

Extra-curricular activities to suit all interests.

Supporting life-long skills development

Extra-curricular activities are designed to support children develop critical life-long skills, and help them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. We encourage all children to follow their interests and invest time developing their skills.

Sports program

Our Sport program is delivered by specialist coaches and designed to help develop team skills, cooperation and discipline. From Reception upwards there are a wide range of activities on offer, including Dance, Gymnastics, Tennis, Taekwondo, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Football, Volleyball, Tee Ball and Soccer during specific sports lessons and after school sports practice. A weekly Run Club operates to help children develop their fitness.

Team sport plays a large part within the St Peter’s Woodlands school community. Your child can participate in year level sporting teams and have an opportunity to participate in district and state SSSA and knockout competitions. We also host Soccer, Netball and Volleyball Development Squad programs which provide opportunities for your child to learn skills from some of South Australia’s most experienced coaches.

Arts program

There is a strong connection between participating in creativity pursuits and the positive effects on brain development and wellbeing. St Peter’s Woodlands has a flourishing Arts program. One-on-one instrumental and voice instruction is delivered by specialist tutors in our purpose-built Music Suite. Various musical groups are available including Show Choir, Chapel Choir and Band, Junior Glee and various ensembles.

A School musical is presented each year, with Junior and Senior Musicals on offer. All children are welcome to participate with a plethora of ways to get involved.

Academic program

To build confidence, citizenship skills and extend children’s critical thinking, St Peter’s Woodlands offers a Co-Curricular Academic Program. Children can choose to participate in a range of activities including Tournament of Minds, Debating, Public Speaking, Oliphant Science, the Primary Maths Challenge, and the IPSHA Poetry Recital.

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