Gifted Program

Extraordinary opportunities for Gifted children.

Providing quality Enrichment Programs for gifted students

At St Peter’s Woodlands we are committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing environment for all students.

In addition to our research based and differentiated pedagogical approach, we also offer a range of additional opportunities for students who are identified as gifted in recognition of the need for these students to be given the opportunity to work with like-minded peers at a pace and complexity designed specifically for them.

Through the implementation of a variety of differentiated teaching strategies St Peter’s Woodlands are committed to providing quality Enrichment Programs supported by trained teaching staff.


Our Enrichment Programs

At St Peter’s Woodlands we have a Head of Learning, Teaching and Innovation who holds a Certificate in Gifted Education from the University of NSW. Several other staff members also hold this qualification and the school is committed to ensuring all staff are well versed catering for the additional needs of gifted students through a range of programs.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

To learn more about St Peter's Woodlands Gifted and Enrichment Programs, have a read of this parent resource or book a personal tour with our Enrolments Manager.

Lisa Harris, Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Lisa manages our gifted education program, coordinating additional opportunities for our gifted students.

P: 08 8295 4317
E: [email protected]

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