Early Learning Centre

A place for young, inquisitive minds.

  • First Steps Program

    The First Steps program is a unique, highly supported program for our two year olds. Priority is given to ensuring all children feel safe and secure in their learning environment. This is achieved through nurturing relationships with each child and their family. Children thrive in this consistent, inspiring space, learning how to be part of a small group and belong to a community of learners. Language development is significant with this program with children authentically expressing their needs and thoughts as well as listening to others and following language instruction. The joy of singing, reading and playing is evident every day.
  • Emerging Learners Program

    Our aim for the children in the Emerging Learners program is begin to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people from 3 years of age. Children express their own areas of interests and are encouraged by educators to question and inquire in to the world around them through active discoveries. Children develop independence and confidence in our Emerging Learners Program. They embrace all learning experiences with enthusiasm including gross and fine motor activities, playful alphabet and number games, role playing with their peers as well as whole class group time experiences.
  • Preschool Program

    Significant growth is observed in our Preschool children throughout the year. We begin formally teaching daily phonological awareness which results in children successfully hearing sounds in words and accurately replicating sounds in their speech. Children begin to explore representations of print with many children proudly mastering writing their name. We recognise all children develop at different rates and support each child on their individual learning journey. The Preschool program includes a specialised movement program and lots of time building spatial awareness and physical skills through music and dance. The Preschool program broadens the learning experiences to embrace specialist school teachers and facilities as well as connection to our local area through excursions.


Our ELC was purpose built especially for our youngest learners. Classrooms are designed for play and inquiry-based learning.

They all open out to a nature play space designed for outdoor fun in all weather. A central undercover courtyard provides yet more space for fruit snacks, meals and play activities, as well as connecting to our reception classrooms to make the transition to school as easy as possible.

The ELC students take advantage of all the facilities the school has to offer, including the sports ovals, gym and dance studio, library, nature play and chapel.

ELC Brochure

ELC Brochure

Download our ELC Brochure

Practical Information

Our Early Learning Centre is open for 49 weeks per year.

Families may enrol children for term time and then enrol for school holidays as needed.

  • Programs run from 7.30am until 6.00pm, with the core teaching program running from 8.30am until 3.30pm.
    Families are able to select convenient days and times with additional casual days subject to availability.
  • Fees include nappies and a healthy morning and afternoon tea.
  • Eligible families can claim the Child Care Subsidy.
  • All early learners are required to wear the ELC uniform when they attend.
Our Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Our Early Learning Centre Philosophy

St Peter’s Woodlands Early Learning Centre aims to provide an extraordinary education through a welcoming, nurturing environment full of discovery and joy for all. Engaging in play is integral, underpinning all learning experiences.

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