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The St Peter’s Woodlands Parents and Friends Association works collaboratively with the School with their fundraising and friend raising activities.

The Fundraising program is aligned with the School’s Strategic Plan and funds raised over the year are offered to the School to assist with improving facilities and learning resources for our students.

There are many friend raising activities on offer from whole school events to smaller year level gatherings for morning coffee. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Fundraising to constantly improve the facilities and learning resources for our students, is a key priority of the Parents and Friends, and we seek your enthusiastic support of our events.

We encourage all new and existing parents to attend our meetings that are held on a Wednesday evening twice a term.

Contact Us
E. pfa@spw.sa.edu.au

The following events have been planned for 2017. Details will be posted in The Weekly and Skoolbag App closer to the dates.

Term 1
Week 5 – Tuesday 28 February    Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day
Week 7  – Sunday 19 March          Picnic for Early Learning families
Term 2
Week 2 – w/c Monday 8 May       Mothers Day Stalls
Week 3 – Friday 19 May                Girls Night Out
Week 9 – Tuesday 27 June           Mid Year Raffle draw
Term 3
Week 5 – Saturday 26 August      August Winter Reds
Week 6 – Friday 1 September       Fathers Day Breakfast
Week 9 – Friday 22 September    Children’s after school event
Term 4
Week 3 – Friday 3 November       Walkathon
Week 8 – Friday 8 December   Whole school Christmas lunch (Moved from Week 9, Monday 11 December)

Ongoing events
PFA Sports BBQ Sausage Sizzle – Term 1 Monday after school
Saturday BBQ – during home games (dates to be determined for Term 2 & 3 only)
Entertainment Books

2017 Meeting Dates
Nutter Thomas Dining Room,  7.30pm
Term 1
Wednesday 15 February (Week 3)
Wednesday 15 March (Week 7)
Term 2
Wednesday 17 May (Week 3)
Wednesday 7 June (Week 6) – Guest Speaker
Term 3
Wednesday 9 August (Week 3)
Wednesday 6 September (Week 7) – Guest Speaker Carly Ryan Foundation On line Presentation
Term 4
Wednesday 1 November (Week 3) – Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 22 November (Week 6) – 2018 Planning Meeting