A partnership with parents

At SPW we are committed to supporting parents, both those who are new to SPW and existing parents, with the information they need to build positive and strong relationships between home and school.

Here you will find information about various areas within our school:

While our role is to foster a love of learning in your child, we want to ensure you share the joy and enlightenment that your child will experience at SPW.

Open and supportive parent teacher relationships makes for great student learning outcomes so please talk to us, communicate with us and give us feedback.

We are on this journey together.

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A day in the life of


Early Learning Parent

“The Early Learning Centre at SPW is proving to be a great start for our James. Between myself and James’ Nana we have been attending Playgroup every week for a year.  I can already see the benefits of attending such a personal but high class Early Learning Centre. James enjoys the structured play, meeting new friends, showing his independence and learning something new…. he has taken particular pride in learning the ‘days of the week’ and to recognise his, and other childrens’ names.  We’re excited about the journey ahead.”
Justine mother of James 3 years, 4 months


Primary School Parent

“From having a baby in your arms to a toddler, then starting school you have someone by your side continuously every day. Then all of a sudden your children start school, and what better place to be than at SPW. Your child’s first day is a very exciting time, it’s a wonderful experience and a very new adventure. We have been at SPW since 2004 and all of our three children have felt safe, cared for and supported in their learning journey. All of the staff at SPW are amazing and really do CARE!”
Theoni, mother of Eli 5, Bonita 9, Alexander 12