30 Jun

Building relationships with peers

To facilitate the building of community amongst our Foundation to Year 3 children, the Year 5 students led weekly Peer Support sessions during Term 2. The focus has been on relationships, especially around what to do when making and keeping friends.

We spoke to some of the children who led the Peer Support Program to find out more about what they experienced:

What do you hope the participants walk away with after the sessions?
“I really think they should have some knowledge about being friends and being nice to each other?” Sam, Yr5

What are the benefits of doing Peer Support in our school?
“Everyone learns that you should be nice to people, you shouldn’t bully people… and you should treat other people with respect.” Sam, Yr 5

SPW_Peer Support_3What have you learnt as a result of being a Peer Support Leader?
“That being a teacher is tough because kids muck around. I’ve taken away that it’s more complicated than you think.” Sam Yr 5

“That Ms Jarrett has a hard job. It was really fun because I got to see what it was like to be a teacher, and see what it would be like to be a teacher as a career – it was awesome.” Ellis, Yr 5

“When the students came back from their first lesson, of managing a group of younger students, they talked a lot about my role. They came back saying, ‘How do you do it?’ It’s been really lovely at times when I’m using my behaviour management strategies that I can appeal to their empathy. I can say things like, ‘I’m feeling a bit frustrated now, remember what that feels like when your group are…’ It’s a real plus. I found such value in terms of the conversations we can now have based on their experiences.”
Mrs Jarrett, Year 5 teacher

What do you think the younger students have learnt?
“They learnt how to play together nicely and they learnt that you don’t have to win. You don’t have to be win to be happy. You can lose and still be happy.” Ellis, Yr 5

We also spoke to younger participants of the program to find out what they learnt.

Tell me about Peer Support and what you learnt.
“Well we learnt about how to make new friends and how to be nice. We wrote down who your favourite friend is, what you like to do, what your friends like to do. It was fun.” Klara, Yr 3

SPW_Peer Support_4“I learnt all the people’s names in my group, and I learnt how to make new friends.” Olivia, Yr 3

Have you seen the leaders from your group in the yard and what did you do when you saw them?
“Sure have. I said hi and gave them a hug.” Klara, Yr 3

What was the best part of Peer Support?
“Seeing those people every week” Olivia, Yr 3

What do you think the students in Foundation would get out of the Peer Support Program?
“The same as us. How to make friends and be nice.” Klara, Yr 3

Why do you think that’s important?
“Because if you don’t learn how to make friends you might have no friends in the future because you might not know how to make friends and you might do something wrong and you don’t know what you’ve done wrong because you haven’t learnt about it.” Klara, Yr 3

Well done to our Year 5 Peer Support Leaders. You demonstrated leadership, maturity and empathy when leading your groups. Congratulations also to the participants.

The Peer Support Program is facilitated by Amanda Kelly, Head of Primary.