05 Mar

Did you know SPW has been a Musical Futures Champion School for over three years?

The Musical Futures Approach
Our students all benefit from the Musical Futures approach to music education. The program focuses on self-directed learning; allowing students to explore the music that inspires them to play.

Musical Futures engages students in music by making the learning relevant, imaginative and authentic, whatever their level of experience.

We have found this approach gets students interested immediately, giving them the motivation and drive to succeed.

The Musical Futures program is the focus for our Year 5 to 7 students.

Online Pilot Program
This year we have been given the opportunity to pilot brand new online, COVID-19 friendly, resources that are about to be released internationally.

We are also fortunate to be the first school to launch Musical Futures Professional Development for teachers across Australia, run by Ms Michelle Lewis.

Our students will model and showcase the success of the Musical Futures approach for teachers learning about the program.

We have recently been given some new electric and bass guitars and acoustic guitars by Musical Futures in recognition of the great contribution we have made as ambassadors of the program.

Benefits of Musical Futures
We love Musical Futures because students are in charge of their learning, using different musical instruments and exploring music with their friends.

Students work at their own level and are able to practise at home with the online resources. Further to this, it’s amazing to witness students with experience on an instrument helping other students to learn.

The Music Centre is a hive of activity with students forming bands, playing instruments and authentically engaging in music making.

Article by Mark DeLaine, Head of the Arts.