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Completing the Primary Experience

Launched in 2015 the St Peter’s Woodlands Year 6/7 Centre provides an outstanding schooling experience for young adolescents at an imperative developmental stage in their primary education.

The Year 6/7 Centre acknowledges the educational needs of our upper primary student by offering a flexible approach to learning, while remaining supportive of individual needs. In the world of the young adolescent, issues such as identity and fitting in, making friends, relationships, having a voice, purpose, empowerment and making a difference are extremely important.

Within the Year 6/7 Centre learning environment students will be given the opportunity to connect with these issues, with a responsive schooling experience that understands the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of young people, and channels adolescent enthusiasm and energy into real-life learning.

The Year 6/7 Centre acknowledges that students are ready to assume more responsibility for their learning, and provides opportunities for decision-making, self-management, active participation in learning and leadership.

Nurturing well rounded, resilient young adolescents who are truly future ready, the St Peter’s Woodlands Year 6/7 Centre will complete the primary experience for your child, providing a confident transition into secondary school and beyond.

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