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Long Day Educational Programs
The minimum sessions per week are set according to what is most beneficial for your child’s developmental stage with families given the option of enrolling up to five days per week.

2 Year Old Program:  The minimum attendance is one day per week, which may initially be made up of two half-days (mornings). This program focusses upon providing younger children with a specialised transition into Early Learning at SPW by offering a manageable timeframe.

3 Year Old Program: The minimum attendance is two days per week. A two day program enables children of this developmental stage with an opportunity to engage in social interaction and enquiry in some depth.

4 Year Old Program: The minimum attendance is three days per week. At this stage of Early Learning the program offers a level of rigour and inquiry appropriate to the children’s developmental stage. The program promotes an increase in time which supports a smooth transition to school.

All Early Learners enrolled in Long Day programs are required to wear the newly-designed SPW Early Learners uniform in 2016. This uniform will be available from the SPW Uniform Shop and will include:

  • Black shorts with the SPW logo, or black fleecy-lined track pants
  • SPW Early Learners top, long and short sleeved
  • SPW Hat
  • SPW Early Learners black fleecy vest
  • Optional white or blue skivvy for warmth

The programs incurs a flat fee of $99.00 per day. The same fee is payable whether families choose to attend only the core day (8.30am ‑ 3.15pm) or utilise the extended hours (7.30am ‑ 6.00pm).

The Casual Day fee is $103.00 per day, and is subject to availability.

Families are required to contact Centrelink to obtain information regarding the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) and appropriate registration numbers.

To find out more about Early Learning at SPW please contact Joanna Gray, Admissions and Marketing Officer at jgray@spw.sa.edu.au, or phone 08 7221 6217.


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