Our Vision

We will nurture our students to be happy, knowledgeable and creative young people who care for others and make a positive difference in the world.

Our Values

Approaching each day with curiosity and appreciation; sharing fun and happiness; and expressing gratitude

Always doing our best; being honest, strong and resilient; and standing up for what is right

Being true to yourself; appreciating other people and cultures; and caring for the environment

Helping others; contributing to the community; and being a good citizen

St Peter’s Woodlands encourages students to find joy and enlightenment in their education, giving them the best opportunity to leave school feeling happy, confident and ready to face the world ahead.

We believe that a child is born with a spontaneous sense of wonder and happiness at being alive, and a school’s most important job is to nurture and foster that daily sense of delight.

At the same time we have a serious responsibility to reveal the accumulated experiences that we as humans have gained – how the world works, how change creates opportunity and how diversity adds richness.

Most importantly we want our students to understand how the values of tolerance, compassion and respect underpin our relationships.

Christian Education

St Peter’s Woodlands is built around the values and traditions of the Anglican Church. The fundamental Christian teaching “love God and love your neighbour” underpins the School’s philosophy and programs.

The values and beliefs of our church are integrated across the teaching curriculum and there is a weekly service held in the Chapel.

St Peter’s Woodlands is part of the Anglican Parish of Glenelg, and as the original Parish School we proudly participate in parish activities.