An extraordinary start for our Receptions and Wilbur!

15 February 2024

Welcome to an Extraordinary Start: A Sneak Peek into Our Reception’s First Few Weeks of Primary School

The St Peter’s Woodlands grounds echoed with laughter, excitement, and a few nerves, as our newest Reception learners embarked on their primary educational journey. The day was filled with a myriad of activities, ensuring a warm welcome and a smooth transition into the school environment.

The festivities began with a morning celebration featuring a photo booth, preserving memories for years to come. Freshly brewed coffee from our coffee van provided a comforting start to the day giving our parents/caregivers an opportunity to connect with other families. Each family was gifted seeds to plant, symbolising the growth and blooming potential of their educational voyage. “From little things big things GROW”.

A careful plan is made to foster inclusivity and camaraderie among the new students by encouraging connection with their peers and teachers. Various activities and icebreakers are carefully curated to facilitate meaningful interactions. Whether through collaborative projects, team-building exercises, individual ‘Topic Talks’ or group discussions, every child is encouraged to share their unique perspectives and experiences, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity within the classroom. By celebrating individuality and promoting empathy, the first week sets a strong foundation for a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Students eagerly experienced their first structured literacy and math lessons and embarked on their first Specialist lessons, immersing themselves in a diverse range of subjects including Art, Physical Education, Digital Technology, Library, Japanese, and Music.

For many students, lunchtime emerged as a favourite highlight, offering a chance to recharge and socialise with new friends, allowing the children to explore, unwind, and soak in the abundance of our outdoor green spaces, nature play and playground areas within the school grounds.

Recognising the importance of a balanced transition, we have a rest day for the first 5 weeks. This respite is especially valued, as several students found themselves nodding off in the classroom— a testament to the exhilarating adventures and learning experiences of their inaugural primary school experience.

Amidst the buzz of excitement during the first week of school, one furry friend stole the spotlight—Wilbur, our beloved wellbeing dog. With wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm, Wilbur embarked on his inaugural week at St Peter’s Woodlands, eagerly immersing himself into his new school life. From tail-wagging greetings at the entrance to gentle cuddles in the classroom, Wilbur quickly endeared himself to students and staff alike, spreading joy and comfort wherever he roamed. His calming presence and unconditional affection provided a reassuring anchor for students navigating the highs and lows of their first week, fostering a sense of wellbeing and security within the school community. As Wilbur settles into his role as a cherished member of the school family, his presence serves as a constant reminder of the power of love, empathy, and companionship in nurturing a positive learning environment.

The first few weeks of school has been nothing short of magical—a blend of celebration, exploration, and meaningful learning experiences. As these young minds embark on their educational journey, they are embraced by a supportive community dedicated to nurturing their growth and potential, ensuring a bright and promising future ahead.

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