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15 March 2024

Gear Up for Fitness: Energising Students with Exercise PE Kits

At the start of this year, St Peter’s Woodlands successfully rolled out new PE kits to each class from Reception to Year 6. This kit provides teachers and students with the resources to facilitate structured daily physical activity breaks of 15 minutes. In combination with weekly PE lessons, students can work towards hitting their daily physical activity goals. This initiative, inspired by parent feedback from the 2023 Think Tank, underscores SPW’s dedication to promoting daily physical activity.

Studies show that students who engage in daily physical activity are more likely to perform better academically and exhibit improved behaviour in the classroom. Regular exercise also helps reduce stress and anxiety, fostering a positive learning environment.

To support this initiative, the PE department have designed and provided each class with an in-class PE kit to engage students in fun activities that promote movement and coordination and improve overall fitness. The kits are filled with equipment like balls, cones, and ropes to enhance the experience and ensure every child can participate actively.

Teachers have also engaged in some PD sessions, led by Tom Mitton and Emily Bert this week, learning new games and challenging themselves in various activities.

In supporting children towards hitting their physical activity goals, parents can further support their children by encouraging outdoor play and participating in physical activities together. Simple activities like walking, cycling, or playing games in the backyard can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s work together to ensure our children stay active, happy, and ready to learn!

For more information or any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Article shared by Head of Sport and PE, Tom Mitton 

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