DIY Sensory Play Activities

8 June 2018

Sensorial play is great for building connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. It is great for calming and relaxing children as they use their range of senses to fully engage in their play.

Children begin to recognise the different sensorial attributes and their language skills improve through inquiry as they ask questions and consider the ways in which they can engage in the experience.

If you are looking for some ideas to keep the children entertained at home during the rainy days, here are a few DIY recipes. They are so easy, you can get the children involved in the kitchen as well.

Cloud dough

What you will need

  • Flour
  • Baby oil
  • Play dough utensils, cups and other moulding utensils


  1. Add approximately 1 cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour.
  2. Mix together and start moulding.

Play dough utensils, cups and other moulding utensils are great to use with this. It is also a good idea to use a plastic place mat under the Cloud Dough to protect your table surfaces.


What you will need

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Food Colouring (optional)


  1. Pour some cornflour into a mixing bowl and stir in small amounts of water until the cornflour has become a very thick paste.
  2. To make the slime the colour of your choice, thoroughly stir about five drops of food colouring into the mixture.
  3. Mix really fast or really slow and watch how the goop changes consistency as you do.


You can keep your cornflour and water mixture covered in a fridge for several days. If the cornflour settles, you need to stir it to make it work well again.


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