Go Go Go Kart!

15 December 2023

This year saw the inception of a St Peter’s Woodlands STEM Club.

For students seeking an additional challenge in the areas of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, a weekly lunchtime gathering provides an opportunity for them to collaborate and work on a specialised project. Run by STEM teacher Mr Kennedy, he proposed the ambitious task of transforming a fixed axle go-kart into a 48v race machine. The idea was met with much enthusiasm and after purchasing a Go Kart frame, five students, Ruby (Year 3), Hugo (Year 3), Tom (Year 6), Tanish (Year 6) and Jackson (Year 6) set about problem solving their way to getting the Go Kart moving. Over the course of the year the team was met with numerous obstacles, which they detail in the video. Their determination and ability to persevere led to the glory of racing the Go Kart around McKenzie Oval. The pride and absolutely glee of racing their finished product is something to behold – there are definitely a few rev heads in the group!

This project is a prime example of the importance of marrying both theoretical and practicality principles of STEM. The theoretical knowledge provides a framework for understanding concepts and the practical application allows individuals to see these principles in action, providing a more comprehensive, holistic and memorable understanding of these principles. It is also showcases how vital collaboration is in sharing ideas to achieve success, the STEM group worked out where their strengths lay but also came to understand that effective problem solving involves listening, sharing and expanding on ideas within a group. Congratulations STEM club on your first successful project, we look forward to 2024’s project.

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