Junior Musical – ‘Dragon Days’

3 November 2022

In the last week of Term 3 St Peter’ s Woodlands presented the 2022 Junior Musical ‘Dragon Days’.

‘Dragon Days’ was a lot of fun to rehearse with catchy songs and a funny script. The show seemed timeless with its message of don’t judge a book by its cover and the damage rumours and gossip can cause, not just in person but on the internet and social media too.

With two complete casts, each performed three public performances plus special shows for the school and ELC. The feedback from the audience was overwhelming and the positive feedback made our students burst with pride. A huge performance like this needs a huge team and we were so lucky to have so many teachers, parents and grandparents helping. What an outstanding job.

I love the culture we have created at SPW where participating in musicals is the norm. To have a musical just for our youngest students who reap the benefits as they get older having already experienced a full musical is really special. Working with our youngest students is always fun and I love their honesty and energy. Their wonder as they saw their costumes and the set was priceless.

I often had to remind myself we were working with 5 to 8 year olds. Every single student shone and did a great job. Seeing the teamwork, literacy skills, singing divas, dancing prowess, dramatic acting and commitment was a joy to witness.

I am so incredibly proud of our students and all they have achieved putting on ‘Dragon Days’. What a fun adventure we all had in Stumbledorf.

Article shared by Mark Delaine, Head of Arts

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