Pieces of Me – Year 6 SALA Festival

12 August 2022

‘Pieces of Me’ is the title of the inaugural Year 6 Art Exhibition for 2022.

SALA Festival 
The exhibition is part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival and is another exciting opportunity for our DARE student-artists to participate in authentic arts experiences.

The festival takes the work of around 8,000 emerging, mid-career and established South Australian artists to more than 500 venues across the state to reach local and international audiences.

The Process
The Year 6s have been planning and creating their artwork, recording artist statements about their ideas and process, and finally, displaying their work for their family, the school community and public to enjoy.

The artworks are an unconventional self-portrait exploration, a culmination of learning from Year 6 students in Visual Arts lessons looking into how identity can be portrayed.

Students analysed examples of Archibald Prize portraits throughout history. They identified how artists tell a story of a person not just through appearance, but also colour, symbols, setting, composition and other artistic techniques.

Each student developed their own original concept to encapsulate their identity and selected materials that they felt best represented their idea. The result is a wide variety of interpretations of the theme, each telling an authentic and unique story of the student-artist.

Each student filmed the process of creating their artwork so it could be shared as part of the exhibition. Every piece has a unique QR code that can be scanned by viewers to understand more about the piece and how it was developed. Below is an example by student Jai.

The Exhibition
Students were involved in the process from beginning to end, helping to put the exhibition together including placing the artwork and  descriptions. Immersing the students in every part of the exhibition has allowed the students to truly gain an understanding of what goes into putting a project of this scale together.

The exhibition will be open to the general public this weekend after an official opening this Friday evening with the students’ loved ones.

For more details about the exhibition and opening times please click here.

This event is part of the DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma.

Article by Jess Hancock, Art Teacher.


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