Student life

At least a third of a child’s life is spent at school, so we believe it is important that we make this experience as enjoyable, rewarding and exciting as possible.

We want your child to wake up every morning looking forward to the joy and enlightenment they will experience at SPW.

Our highly trained staff build an environment of safety and trust, where every person is acknowledged for their intrinsic worth, where every new discovery is shared with wonder, where every success is celebrated and every mistake becomes a chance to grow.

Respect, tolerance and compassion, nourished by love, hope and faith, are our values and we practice those every day with our “buddy” system of welcoming and mentoring.

We also have a structure of single year classes, not mixed year levels. Through many years of experience we believe this allows students to develop at the appropriate pace and learn to socialise positively with their age peers.

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A day in the life of


An early learning child

“I like playing with trains. I also like the playdough.”
Lara, aged 4 “and a half, you can’t forget the half bit!”

“I like drawing, I made stuff. I made two caterpillars!”
Hayley, aged 4 “and a half”


Six year old primary school child

“I pack my bag and then we walk to school. I go into my classroom. I say hello to my friends and do some morning activities. Then we all tidy up. Mrs Hane says good morning and we do the day chart. I love art the best because we get to do art stuff to learn how to be an artist. And, I love doing music because I want to be a singer. And I like Chapel too. My favourite part is playing at recess and lunch with all my friends. We play chasey on the oval and swing on the monkey bars.”  Ruby, 6 years old.