13 Dec

The Year 5 Exhibition is the culminating activity of the IB Primary Years Program.

It represents a significant event in the life of students and the school as a whole, and provides the opportunity for them to share their learning with the whole school community. It allows the students to use their knowledge, skills and understandings to conduct a self-directed inquiry.SPW_Exhibition_4

Staff from across the school volunteered as mentors to help and support students with their Exhibition.SPW_Exhibition_5

Using the five elements of the IB Primary Years Program and an inquiry approach, students organised their thinking, conducted extensive research, created pieces, offered solutions and initiated action to bring about change to a local, real-life issue.SPW_Exhibition_3

The highlight of the project was the PYP Exhibition night. Many families attended and were treated to a special music performance followed by an exhibition of work.SPW_Exhibition_2

Congratulations to all our Year 5 students for this fantastic achievement. Thank you to our Year 5 teachers, mentors and all who supported the children throughout this time.