Old Scholar Reunion

12 April 2024

Rekindling Memories and Celebrating Milestones

At St Peter’s Woodlands, reunions aren’t just gatherings; they’re vibrant celebrations of cherished connections and enduring friendships. Whether a student has spent their entire schooling journey at SPW or just a portion of it, we extend a warm invitation to all our former students, our beloved old scholars, to join us as we embark on a journey down memory lane.

Class of 2019 – 5 Year Reunion
On a Friday evening we welcomed 50 former students from the Class of 2019 back to St Peter’s Woodlands for their 5 Year Reunion. They had a great time catching up with each other as well as with former teachers and seeing how the school has changed over the last few years.

For some of these students, their time at SPW ended prior to Year 7 – this was a time in which South Australia slowly transitioned itself to align with the rest of the nation starting senior school at Year 7. Whether these students attended SPW for a couple years or for the entirety of their schooling (perhaps since ELC) every student is considered an SPW old scholar and are always welcome.

It was a lovely evening and we value the opportunity to hear about the student’s memories of their time at SPW, as well as what they’ve been up to since graduating from SPW and their future plans.

Class of 2023 – Family Catch Up
Whilst the primary school years are formative for students in creating life long friendships, so to is it for the parents of these children. Former PFA President Kate Hobart organised a catch up with over 100 students and their families from the Class of 2023. Catching up at Glenelg Football Club these former SPW students and their parents had a Sunday afternoon to chat, laugh and celebrate their children’s transition to high school. Thank you so much to Kate for sending out the call to action.

Stay in Touch
To stay in touch with St Peter’s Woodlands and hear about upcoming reunions and events, please update your details here: https://spw.sa.edu.au/community/old-scholars/

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