24 Nov

The St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars play such an important role in our school community and we value the long association they have had with us. The St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association supports the school in many ways. They support the Year 7 end of year Transition program by donating booklets and hosting a Pizza Lunch; they also present booklets each year to the new Foundation students at the beginning of each year.

The SPW Development Office assists old scholars as they plan and celebrate their 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 year reunions each year. This is such an important part of who we are at SPW. We celebrate and share with our old scholars at our twilight tours how wonderful it is to be part of a vibrant and special school community. Students who attended the school as recently as 5 years ago or students who attended Woodlands 40 years ago are all welcome to celebrate their milestone years with SPW.

Here we share some of their school tour moments:


Woodlands Class of 1977 – 40 Year Reunion Tour


Woodlands Class of 1987 – 30 Year Reunion Tour


Woodlands Class of 1997 – 20 Year Reunion Tour

2012 - 5 year

SPW Class of 2015 – 5 Year Reunion BBQ and Tour

For more information about the St Peter’s Woodlands Old Scholars’ Association please visit out school website.

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