06 Sep

As part of the 20 Year Celebrations, we invited an SPW family that has been very involved with the school for a number of years to share their memories.

We thank Sarah Wildy and her family for gifting us with their experience of SPW. It is stories such as this one that remind us that this school goes far beyond just the classroom, that when a family begins their journey with SPW, our community grows bigger and richer.

The Wildy family has been connected with SPW since 2002, when I started as a pre-schooler. 17 years later and I am still here as a volunteer in a year 2 classroom.

SPW Community

As a family we have been involved in all different aspects of the school. My mum, Michelle Wildy, was on the PFA committee and coached netball, my dad, Peter Wildy, was on School Council and coached my sisters’ soccer teams.

Us three Wildy sisters went through school from pre-school to year 7 and played sport, musical instruments, competed in Tournament of the Minds, performed in Wakakirri and were involved in many other co-curricular activities.

Why SPW is so special to us

For us, the school has been a community, though much smaller in the early days. The people – staff, students and the families – were what made it this way.

SPW has been a safe place for us to learn and grow, and many of the relationships formed over the years remain strong today. As students we were offered lots of opportunities and encouraged to try many different things.

Staying Connected

As Old Scholars we are still given opportunities to be involved in the school. For us this has taken the form of being sports coaches, umpires and volunteers. SPW is a memorable place for us.

Thank you to Meredith, Community Development Manager, and the Wildy family for sharing this story.