01 Nov

Local Visual Artist, James Dodd facilitated a two day workshop with the Year 2 and Year 7 students during their art classes.

The Year 2s are currently inquiring into the past, present and future in their daily lives, ‘Where we are in Place and Time’ Unit of Inquiry. They began by creating cave art to tell a story or give a message, then looked at how this has evolved into modern day street art as a way of communicating.

The Year 7s collaborated with Year 2 students assisting them to enhance their general capabilities, including personal and social competency which saw them utilise leadership skills in social and self management. Together under the guidance of James Dodd, the two year levels created a vibrant stenciled spray artwork outside the Art Rooms.

It’s great to see the students enjoying the newly renovated Art Rooms, recently completed as part of SPW’s ongoing committment to creating modern and flexible learning environments, as reflected through our 10 Year Master Buildings and Grounds Plan.

Thank you to Jessica Hancock and Michelle Lewis, Art Teachers, for sharing this story.