02 Aug

This week Yr 5 students enjoyed a simulation of an Australian gold rush. The students are inquiring into the concepts of adversity, opportunity and settlement in their current Unit of Inquiry, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time.’SPW_Gold Rush_5

They were sorted into families with different backgrounds and subjected to obstacles including a bushranger (watch out for Ned Kelly), racial bias, bribes by law enforcement officers and lack of fair pay systems.SPW_Gold Rush_1

The sandpit was divided into mining claims where the students needed to dig for gold.SPW_Gold Rush_2

“I enjoyed digging for gold but quickly realised that it was hard to find” – William

They reflected on this simulation by brainstorming the positives and negatives experienced, including justice and fairness, racism, corruption, greed, and much more.SPW_Gold Rush_4

“I experienced how hard it would’ve been for people back then because they had to avoid bushrangers, experience unfair police officers and they had to find a lot of gold just to get a little bit of money” – CadenSPW_Gold Rush_3b

“I learnt that people born in different countries were treated unfairly and sometimes you got paid a lot less than you should’ve because of your background” – Summer

Another amazing inquiry based, hands-on learning experience connected to the International Baccalaureate PYP curriculum. Well done to our wonderful Year 5 teachers and some of our Year 7 students who supported in providing this experience.

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