29 Oct

Some of our keen coders spent a week at various Code Camp workshops which were hosted at St Peter’s Woodlands for the first time during the October school holidays.

Coding at SPW

Some children were set up on laptops, learning the basics of animation, while others were busy filming intros and outros for their YouTube video on the green screen in our Multimedia Room.

Filming in SPW Multimedia Room

Edward, one of the Code Camp teaching assistants commented on the quality of the facilities here at St Peter’s Woodlands saying that it was one of the best set ups he’d ever seen. Many of our students attended and created some impressive work.

The last day was Dress Up day!

dressing up at Code Camp at SPW

  “We got to make our own computer games, mine’s about Batman!” – Matias, Year 1

Kendal, from Year 4, made a computer game “in just 3 days” Her main character was a cute little goat that had to collect keys to open gates… but watch out for traps along the way!

Code camp animation student at SPW


SPW student animation


Jake from Year 6 partnered up with one of his friends to create a YouTube instructional video explaining how to make paper ninjas.  He said the best thing about it was “that I got to play with all my friends”.

YouTube video creation at SPW

Click here to watch the video.

The students were totally engrossed while creating their own video games and content for YouTube and had so much fun along the way. They also came away with new and enhanced skills including content creation, video editing and visual coding.

We were one of two schools in SA lucky enough to have the new ‘Drone Legends’ option trialed here, where children construct 3D models and then film them with drone cameras, experimenting with wide angle and close up shots.

We were pleased to be able to make these opportunities easily accessible to our students and look forward to hosting more Code Camp workshops in the future.

Thank you to Lynette Robinson, Communications and Marketing Assistant, for sharing this story.