25 Sep

Establishing a healthy lifestyle and healthy life-long patterns starts from an early age.

At SPW we promote fitness and healthy living through a variety of programs and activities and understand the importance of embedding this into children’s everyday lives.

This term our Year 7 students had the opportunity to visit The Gym Glenelg for a 3 week Healthy Lifestyles Program focusing on developing Personal Fitness Plans for students.

We spoke with Alastair Dow, Head of PE at SPW, to find out more about the Healthy Lifestyles Program.

What are you hoping to achieve with Healthy Lifestyle Program?
As part of the National Curriculum, students participate in physical activities that develop health related and skill-related fitness components, and create and monitor personal fitness plans. Our Healthy Lifestyle Program exposes our Year 7 students to opportunities available in a gym and helps them craft their own fitness plan.SPW_Glenelg Gym_2_web

How does the opportunity to attend a gym benefit the students?
The aim is to expose students to a form of physical activity they may take up once they finish school. While at school regular physical activity is organised for them. Once they leave school it’s up to them. My aim is to help students establish lifetime patterns of physical activity and attending a gym is a path they may wish to follow.SPW_Glenelg Gym_5_web

What opportunities did the students have by attending Glenelg Gym?
The students had the opportunity to use world class facilities and learn new exercises and the benefits behind them from a personal trainer.SPW_Glenelg Gym_4_web

Did anything surprising happen as a result of this program?
Several asked how old they need to be to join a gym. I was hoping for long term changes but many want to join now. The Gym Glenelg accepts members from 13 years of age. It’s a great pathway for older students who are eager to increase their fitness levels throughout their teen years.

“I liked trying out all the different equipment. It was great to see the gym in our community.” Maggie

What were the highlights?
Each week the students had thirty minutes in the cardio area (treadmills, bikes, rowers, steppers and cross trainers) and thirty minutes with a personal trainer in the circuit area.

In general the highlights were the sessions with Amanda where they designed a circuit. As they progressed they learnt more activities that help the different parts of the body: lower, core, upper. It was good to see the students passionate about fitness and pushing their bodies to achieve more.

“I loved it as it was such a great opportunity to use all the equipment and facililies at the gym. It was fun walking down there too.” Abby

At the beginning of the unit the students were required to set SMART goals (S=Specific, M=Measureable, A=Achievable, R=Realistic, T=Time Phased). Throughout the unit they kept a diary and reflected on their progress at the end.SPW_Glenelg Gym_3_web

Thanks Alastair for coordinating this opportunity for our Year 7 students. We’re also thankful to The Gym Glenelg for the ongoing commitment and collaboration with SPW, allowing our students to access their equipment and resources for this program.

If you live in the local area and are considering a Gym Membership, make sure you plan to visit the team at The Gym Glenelg.