22 Jun

Increasing movement to improve brain function and increase concentration, whilst strengthening balance and motor skills.

At SPW we’ve recently implemented the Move to Learn Movement Program across the Early Years, from ELC to Year 2.

The program is a simple, flexible movement program, based on the natural movements of babies and toddlers. It’s designed to help children integrate the left and right brain functions and help to mature the vestibular system. It’s also designed to mature any retained primitive reflexes that should have normally disappeared by the time a child is attending school.

The program includes a warm up and simple movement sequences which support an effective foundation for academic learning.

Move to Learn Movement Program in Action

The Year 2’s have implemented the Move to Learn Movement Program into their daily routine. They’ve really enjoyed being involved so far. Here’s some feedback from the children:

“I really love the stretchy lycra song, it’s so much fun!” Chloe

“I love rolling around on the ground, it makes me laugh.” William

“My favourite song is moving around with the beanbag on my head.” Lily

The Benefits We’re Seeing

Year 2 teacher, Annastasia Callisto, explains, “We use the program mainly if we’re in the classroom for a long period of time. It’s the perfect break allowing all children to self-regulate and get ready to absorb our next focus.

“After completing a short Move to Learn Movement session the children are a lot more focused during the following lessons.” Year 2 teacher, Annastasia

The Move to Learn Movement Program is available for parents to purchase and run at home if you’d like. Learn more here.

This article was written by our Year 2 Teachers – Annastasia Callisto, Gary Irvine, Inga Dow and Anne Allen. If you’d like to know more how we integrate the Move to Learn Movement Program across the Early Years please contact Gemma D’Angelo.