Fluffy Friends in Year 2

10 June 2022

The Year 2 students have been enjoying the company of some very fluffy friends.

Over the course of two weeks the Year 2 students were responsible for taking care of twelve hatchlings as part of their Unit of Inquiry into ‘How the World Works’, with the central theme of ‘Living Things are Interdependent’.

Waiting in Anticipation
Situated in the corner of the classroom were twelve eggs nestled in an incubator. Students tended to them daily, ensuring the eggs were kept at the right temperature; nice and cosy. As the time got closer to the eggs hatching, the class began bonding through their growing anticipation, it was very exciting!

The Investigation
While the students waited, they began investigating chicks – what do chicks need to survive? What food do they eat? What do they drink? What names might suit them? How do they break through the shell of the egg? What would they look like?

When the chicks finally hatched and took their first wobbly steps, it was clear how invested the students were, as audible gasps of awe and wonder were heard around the classroom.

It was wonderful to see the students put their learnings into real time observations, as they confidently pointed out the changes over time using key vocabulary such as egg tooth, down and talons.

Fluffy Friends 
The students named the chicks and handled them with great care over the next couple of weeks. Two students bonded with them so much they decided to adopt some!

When their time with them drew to an end, the Year 2 students invited their buddy class to share in the delight of their fluffy friends. The room was a hive of joy, as each student had a turn in holding the chicks and watching them walk.

Student Quotes 

“We’re not sure which ones are cockerels and which ones are pullets.”

“I loved sharing them with our buddies.”

“We love the chickens – they always make noise because they want us to come to them.”

“I love feeding them and giving them lots of cuddles.”

“I learnt that they grow scales before they grow feathers.”

“I learnt that they sleep a lot.”

“They are very fluffy and very cute!”

“We named this one Plupper.”


Article by Tassie Mangos, Year 2 Teacher.

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