Learning Journeys

15 December 2022

A showcase of our students learning

Over the last month students from different year levels have been welcoming their loved ones into their classrooms to showcase their learning. It is always wonderful to see the pride and growing confidence in our students as they share their knowledge with others, further solidifying their learning.

This term our Reception students learnt about how people celebrate special events all around the world. They explored how and why people celebrate and the similarities and differences between celebrations.

In Week 4, Reception students shared their learning with parents and special guests. It was amazing to see students talk in front of a large audience and confidently sing and dance. Afterwards, students had the opportunity to join their guests in a range of activities such as bubble blowing, cake making and party dancing. Wrapping presents was a crowd pleaser! The Learning Journey is a great lead-in to Christmas celebrations at SPW including the traditional Nativity Performance.

Year 1
The Year 1 students were thrilled to present their Learning Journey to parents in Week 7. The presentation, held in Piltangka Plaza to a large crowd of excited parents, was a culmination of hard work, research and hands-on learning. The central idea was ‘Habitats Support Living Things’ where the students inquired into the natural world and its laws. Multiple aspects of the curriculum were incorporated into the unit as they discovered classifications of animals, the features of animals and their needs.

Using the app ‘WorldBook Online’, the students selected an animal they would like to research. They created their very first animal report which included detailed information about the animal, a labelled diagram and beautiful pictures. The students each designed and constructed a habitat diorama for their animal using plasticine.

They wrote a procedure to explain how someone else could build their diorama. During Music, the students practiced songs to present as part of the final performance and in Art, they camouflaged their hands to look like an animal skin. As a teaching team, we’re incredibly proud to watch the students bring all the pieces of the Learning Journey together and to see how proud they were of themselves.

Year 2
The Year 2 classes spent the term inquiring into people and places around the world with students researching a chosen country. They used books, World Book Online and search engines to explore and research their country in preparation for the Learning Journey. Once the classroom was turned into a fully fledged Travel Expo, the students presented two songs learnt in Music with Mr Delaine before resuming their role as a travel agent, presenting a slide show to persuade clients to book a holiday to their destination!

The students did a beautiful job – so much so that families left with the travel bug, convinced they needed to travel to all these countries!

Year 3
For the Year 3 Learning Journey students explored how people celebrate through a range of fascinating festivals from around the world. Students used their inquiry and research skills to explore how and why people around the world participate in festivals. After collating all their research the students created a display detailing their findings, including accompanying costumes.

Families were invited into the classrooms and encouraged to ask the students about their projects. The learning journey gave the students an excellent opportunity to experience the diversity and significance of different festivals, whilst also developing their presentation skills.

Article by Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Teachers

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