Japanese Cuisine & Baseball

15 December 2022

Japanese experiences, both delicious and fun!

Japanese Dinner
The Year 6 students celebrated their amazing Japanese journey at St Peter’s Woodlands with a fun Japanese dinner. The students enjoyed using Japanese expressions, chopsticks, cultural etiquette and of course, tasting a variety of Japanese foods. Highlights were the miso, edamame, sushi and green tea ice cream.

Baseball Clinic 
Earlier in the term the Year 6 students teamed up with Year 5 students to enjoy a high quality baseball clinic coordinated by the Adelaide Giants. The Adelaide Giants were hosting an international tournament and in between games the Japanese team came to share their skills with our students.

The afternoon began with an introduction in the Chapel, where our students used their Japanese learnings to welcome our visitors. Then it was action time on McKenzie Oval where each class had five coaches taking them for a skills session.

It was a fantastic afternoon where two important subjects at SPW, Japanese and PE intersected and students were able to practice their skills in both areas at once.

Congratulations to the students on their engagement with both the language and culture in our weekly Japanese lessons at SPW.  Many of the Year 6 students will continue their Japanese studies at high school next year and we wish them all the best….がんばって!

Article by Sensei Baldacchino

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