Supporting Class Transitions

24 November 2023

Supporting your child in preparation for a new year.

As we approach the conclusion of a highly successful year and step into the season of festivities, celebrations, and farewells preparations for 2024 are underway.

Class Placement Process
Our teaching staff, Inclusive Education team and Leadership team are currently engrossed in the meticulous task of preparing class lists for the upcoming year. We appreciate the time and engagement of parents/caregivers who contribute to this process by discussing with their children and providing the school with the names of friends their child would prefer to share a class with.

This undertaking involves a comprehensive process. It is our commitment to ensure that every student has at least one of their chosen friends in the same class. The friendship data, along with any additional parent feedback, is fed into the Class Solver program, a tool that helps us avoid oversights.

We then are able to do a thorough review of the class lists, drawing on data collected throughout the year, including observations and knowledge of individual students, and determine what adjustments may be made. While the Class Solver program aids in sorting and tracking data, it is fundamentally a human-driven initiative, with the unique needs of each student held at its core.

Preparing Your Child for 2024
The onset of a new year can bring a mix of emotions, particularly transitioning to a different classroom and year level, which can be somewhat intimidating. We understand these changes may be accompanied by anxiety, and acknowledge the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment to ease this transition. 

For parents navigating this transition and supporting their child through any anxiety, Positive Minds Australia offers valuable insights in a must-read article, ‘Class Placements: Helping children adapt to a new Teacher and peer group in 2024.’

The article by Madhavi outlines five ways parents can facilitate a smooth adjustment for their child:

  1. Listen
  2. Provide support
  3. Maintain a calm and collected demeanor
  4. Trust the process and believe in your child’s resilience
  5. Manage your reactions

Working Together 
As parents, our instinct can often be to shield our children, and this inclination can sometimes be all-encompassing. A St Peter’s Woodlands teacher recently shared an inspirational speech from Neale Daniher, expressing his wish for his grandson, Cooper. You can watch it here. It serves as a poignant reminder of how we can equip our children with important life skills. As always, we continue to work together to ensure a smooth and supported transition for St Peter’s Woodlands children in the new year.

Article shared by Principal, Helen Finlay and Deputy Principal and Head of Early Years, Sarah Noell

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