SALA Festival – Pieces of Me

2 August 2022

Come join us for the inaugural SALA Festival.

St Peter’s Woodlands St Margaret’s Chapel will host an exhibition titled, Pieces of Me, showcasing our Year 6 students’ artwork.

Dates & Times:
Friday 12 August 8am – 10am – Exhibition open to the school community. Coffee van will be available
Friday 12 August 10am – 3pm – Exhibition open to all SPW classes and ELC
Friday 12 August 6pm – St Peter’s Woodlands SALA GALA Opening (Private event – for Year 6 students and their parents/caregivers, please see Skoolbag for further information).
Sunday 14 August 2pm – 4pm – Official SALA Festival viewing, open to general public and school community

Location: St Margaret’s Chapel, St Peter’s Woodlands School, 39 Partridge St, Glenelg

Tickets: Free Event

Pieces Of Me
The artworks are an unconventional self-portrait exploration, a culmination of learning from Year 6 students in Visual Arts lessons looking into how identity can be portrayed.

Students analysed examples of Archibald Prize portraits throughout history. They identified how artists tell a story of a person not just through appearance, but also colour, symbols, setting, composition and other artistic techniques.

Each student developed their own original concept to encapsulate their identity and selected materials that they felt best represented their idea. The result is a wide variety of interpretations of the theme, each telling an authentic and unique story of the student-artist.

This event is part of the DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma.

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