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28 June 2024

Embracing Service: Our Commitment to Community Engagement

Service is a core value at St Peter’s Woodlands and it is through our actions as a school community that we demonstrate our commitment to giving back. Teaching our students the principle of giving is integral to our school ethos and we continually strive to seek ways to support those around us.

Throughout 2024, each year level will explore a theme that includes a service learning component. Students will have the agency to collaboratively choose a charity or organisation to support which links to their curriculum unit of inquiry. Their service may take the form of donations or the volunteering of time.

In the first part of the year, our Year 5 students raised funds through a bake sale for The Fred Hollows Foundation, aligning with their inquiry into, “The Physical World: How do we see and how does sight enhance our lives?”

The Year 1 students explored their identity and the importance of healthy eating for human development. As part of their service, they collected food items for Kickstart for Kids, an organisation providing breakfasts to children in need. Read more

The school has also sought out ways to provide service on a whole school level. This year we have asked our community to help raise funds and collect care packages to support local community organisations. The community collection forms part of the Staff Community Service day, which is an opportunity for the staff to embody this value of service. Staff will have the choice of giving their time to serve in the following ways,

Further to this, the school community showed amazing support in raising funds through our special Salvation Army Emergency food truck initiative. On the last day of term, students were given the opportunity to purchase a hotdog and chips from the Salvation Army Food Truck – a fun way for the students to understand the important work this organisation does in supporting volunteers giving their time during emergency situations.

We would like to thank our community for all their support in giving to these worthy and important organisations. We look forward to seeing how our students in other year levels will serve others in the remainder of the year.

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