Year 1 Service Learning

24 May 2024

Sharing Breakfast: Helping Underprivileged Children Start the Day Right

As part of our Year 1 students inquiry into healthy choices last term, the students learnt the importance of breakfast, the first meal of the day. As the name implies, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting that happens during sleep hours and replenishes the body’s supply of glucose that provides energy and improves alertness. During the class discussions students discovered that there are many children in Adelaide who aren’t able to get their first meal of the day, which impacts their energy levels due to poor nutrition.

Kickstart for Kids, led by Ian Steel, is an organisation that runs a breakfast program for children. They serve over 60,000 breakfasts to 360 schools in South Australia and relies solely on commercial sponsorship and the generosity of individuals to feed underprivileged children.

The students decided they wanted to contribute to this worthy organisation by bringing in breakfast foods to donate. Items such as vegemite, honey, jam and tinned fruit were brought in and the students were lucky to have Ian Steel attend assembly and accept the donations. A big thank you to all the families who donated to Kickstart for Kids to give these children a much brighter start to their day and learning.

Article by Year 1 Teacher Angela Doan

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