Staff Awards

16 December 2022

This morning, for the final Staff Chapel Service, we were joined by the Chair of School Council, Rev’d Michael Lane, to thank all staff for their year of hard work and present four staff awards. The recipients of these awards go to those who have gone above and beyond in their roles.

This is the second year of staff awards, with a fourth award added this year; Principal’s Extraordinary Award. Congratulations to the four deserving winners – Alastair Dow, Sam Wheatley, Michaela Trealor and Mark Delaine.

Teacher of the Year Award (ELC- Year 6 Teachers and Specialists)
This award goes to someone who has an incredibly positive effect on culture, both within their own department and in the wider school. They are positive, energetic, not afraid to tell the truth in love, a skilled teacher who is truly passionate about their subject area and ensuring that what we offer here at SPW is beyond extraordinary. This teacher, together with their team, are always looking for ways to offer more for our students and community. The Council Award for the Teacher of the year goes to Alastair Dow (Head of PE & Sport)


Education Support Officer Curriculum / Educator of the Year Award (ELC-Year 6 and OSHC)
This award goes to someone who consistently brings a positive attitude and a calm, “can do” approach to all aspects of their challenging role. They have willingly taken on opportunities for growth outside of their comfort zone and shone in these positions. They are organised, creative and take pride in all parts of their work. In addition this person is a gentle and encouraging role model for others, they lead by example and successfully create a respectful team environment. The Council Award for the ESO Curriculum/Educator of the year goes to Michaela Treloar (ELC Educator).

Non-Teaching Staff Member of the Year Award
This award goes to someone who is always beavering away behind the scenes. Without their work and attention to detail so many wheels would fall off.  From the organising of many comings and goings of tradespeople, new staff, staff departing plus so many other operational functions.  They are loyal, hardworking, great for a chat and to have a laugh with and a wonderful team member. The Council Award for the Non Teaching Staff Member of the year goes to Sam Wheatley (EA to Business Manager & Director of HR).

Principal’s Extraordinary Award
This year a new award has been added, the Principal’s Extraordinary Award. The recipient of this award has been nominated many times by their peers for a Star on our Board of Extraordinary this year. They go above and beyond in every single way. This person I often have to say no to because they want to go so above and beyond that I have to protect them from themselves. They contribute significantly to the culture of this school and are extraordinary in every single way. This year’s Principal’s Extraordinary Award goes to Mark De Laine (Head of The Arts).

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