The Benefits of Performing

30 June 2023

The secret has long been out that St Peter’s Woodlands 2023 school musical is, Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid Jr’.

The musical is a highly anticipated school event that is presented every year to a large audience of adoring fans. Every year all students receive an open invitation to participate, whether it be performing or managing backstage. Such is the demand to be involved, there is almost always two casts, with a junior (Years Reception to Year 3) and senior (Years 5 and 6) production on alternating years.

Head of Arts, Mark Delaine, has designed the productions to be inclusive of every child. Those who have more experience and confidence in performing have the opportunity to advance their skills, whilst those who may just be beginning can participate at a level they feel comfortable with. Allowing every student the chance to be a part of something like a musical provides children with so many benefits.

“The musical goes beyond performing, the growth in confidence, gross motor skills and literacy alone are quite remarkable. Seeing each student’s individual journey from auditions to performance week is amazing, I’m so inspired by them.”

At the beginning of the three-term musical process, students wishing to have a role in the production are asked to audition. This year’s senior musical meant Year 5 and 6 students were eligible. Students choose material from a range of audition pieces and submitted a short video of singing and acting to camera.

Over 50 auditions were received and watched by Mr DeLaine, Ms Lewis, Mr Mesecke and Ms Cropley. The quality and creativity of the auditions was fantastic, with students dressing up and really getting into character!

“It’s wonderful to see the students use their initiative and learnings from previous performances and put them into their auditions. Most of the students participating this year have performed in previous musicals, so you can really track their growth year to year.”

All 54 of the students who auditioned received a speaking/singing role for the show, making up two full casts. Students have now been attending rehearsals for a full term, with some students going on to do further auditions to participate in the dance troupe, a group of about 25 students who are to learn more complex choreography for the show.

In total there are 145 kids involved, including approximately ten students helping backstage.

We look forward to seeing the show up in lights in Term 3 and seeing all their hard work in action.

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