Year 6 First Aid Training

24 May 2024

First Aid Training in the DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma

Safety encompasses many aspects important to a child’s development. Through our DARE – Year 6 Graduate Diploma, our students learn a range of relevant skills essential to theirs and others’ wellbeing.

One of the learning areas of the Diploma is the Basic First Aid course, a vital initiative run by certified first aid providers that empowers our students with essential life skills.

The Importance of First Aid Training
First aid training goes beyond teaching practical skills; it instils a sense of responsibility and preparedness in young minds. Our students learn to:

Make Judgement Calls: Recognising when something is amiss is a crucial skill. The training helps students identify abnormal situations and assess the severity of signs and symptoms that require immediate attention.

Stay Level-Headed and Calm: Emergencies can be chaotic. Through first aid training, students practice maintaining their composure, which is essential for effective intervention and reassurance of those in need.

Apply Basic First Aid Skills: From treating minor cuts to managing more serious injuries, students become equipped with practical skills that can make a significant difference in critical moments.

Building Confidence and Competence
The first aid course is designed to be engaging and hands-on. Students participate in realistic scenarios that prepare them for real-life situations. They learn to:

Perform CPR: Understanding the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save lives. Students practice the correct techniques, building muscle memory that could be crucial in an emergency.

Address Minor Injuries: From bandaging wounds to treating burns, students gain confidence in managing common injuries, making them valuable assets in their communities.

Fostering a Safe and Supportive Environment
The impact of first aid training extends beyond individual skill acquisition. It fosters a culture of safety and support within our school community. Students understand the importance of looking out for one another, creating an environment where everyone feels secure and cared for.

The basic first aid skills our students acquire are not just for immediate use; they are lifelong skills that benefit them and those around them. As these young graduates move on to new challenges, they carry with them the knowledge and confidence to act in emergencies, embodying the principles of care and responsibility.

We are incredibly proud of our students for completing their first aid training and look forward to seeing how they will use these essential skills in the future.

Article shared by Advancement Team


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