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St Peter’s Woodlands acknowledges that the students of today will be the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. Opportunities for students to participate in school-wide decision making is highly valued at St Peter’s Woodlands, this is provided to students through the Student Representative Council (Reception-Year 3 and Years 4-7) and the newly formed Student Voice group which meets once a term with the St Peter’s Woodlands Executive Leadership Team to discuss initiatives and ideas.

In Year 7, students elect two School Captains and four House Captains, for each of the four houses, to represent the St Peter’s Woodlands Year 6/7 Centre and the School.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral care is the foundation of the Year 6/ 7 Centre. The values and beliefs of the Church and St Peter’s Woodlands’ Religious and Values Education (RAVE program), are integrated across the teaching curriculum and help students to develop independence, deepen relationships and build resilience.

Each student will have a ‘significant teacher’ assigned to him or her. This Middle School Educator will support and encourage students to follow their interests and provide a feeling of belonging.

Transitioning to Secondary School
St Peter’s Woodlands will communicate closely with the Secondary school of choice and carefully manage this transition so that students enter the next stage of their education with poise and confidence.

More information
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Enrolment Manager
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