10 Dec

Term 4 is always a very busy but fun term for the PFA

It kicked off with the fabulously successful Walkathon in Week 3. All children from ELC to Year 7 walking (or running!) laps of our beautiful ovals for an hour on a perfect spring day.

We are very grateful to the whole school community for supporting this event and we were blown away when the final fundraising figure came in at $27,719.15.

Thanks to Emma Lawrence, Belinda Ritchie and Sharee Morley for organising this event so well.

The Christmas Raffle
The Christmas Raffle, this year organised by Class Reps from Reception, Elle Stewart, Courtney Hobbs and Suzy Donnellan, was another lovely childrens’ event.

Again we thank our School community for its support and hope the introduction of Qkr! made it as easy for parents as it did for the PFA.

The Christmas Lunch
The Christmas Lunch is probably the most eagerly anticipated PFA event of the year and we thank Heather Chatterton and her band of Year 1 Class Reps for co-ordinating this fantastic day for us again this year.

Lots of planning goes in well ahead of the day to ensure its smooth running and we were especially pleased to be able to seat all children from Reception to Year 7 in the Plaza with a limited number of volunteers this year.

Special thanks to Father Christmas for his attendance too.

Backpacks 4 Kids
We’d like to extend our gratitude for the enormous generosity shown by our School community to the Backpacks 4 Kids initiative this year.

We had over 40 Backpacks under the Christmas tree which were donated to Backpacks 4 Kids following the lunch.

ELC Christmas Brunch
The smaller but equally loved ELC Christmas brunch on 9 December was co-ordinated by Sharee Morley and again we thank her and ELC staff for their assistance on the day.

Year 6 and 7 Caps
Each year the PFA presents a monogrammed peak cap to all Year 7 students as they graduate from SPW and move on to secondary school.

This year we were again pleased to extend this to all Year 6 students leaving SPW to continue their education.

Thank you and Merry Christmas
As the year draws to a close we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the PFA this year. We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to your continued involvement and support in 2021.

Article by Kate Hobart, PFA Co-President