17 Sep

A group of our Year 5 students rebooted a classic tale to compete in the Language Literature category in the Tournament of the Minds.

Term 3 has been a busy term for 7 of our Year 5 students who made a huge commitment to the Tournament of Minds competition.

The “Magnificent Minds” consisted of Lisa, Amelia, Bian, Grace, Noah, Hudson and Laila.

SPW Tournament of Minds performance

During the past 5 weeks they prepared a long term challenge in their chosen category of Language Literature. The challenge was to reboot a classic. As a team they collaboratively wrote a creative script called “Yaboo and the Christmas Ornament”, which was their reboot of Aladdin, justifying why classics are important and slowly revealing their story through animation, song and acting.

“Using our multimedia skills and singing songs was a fun way to make our performance interesting”. Grace D. 5EB

SPW Tournament of Minds group workSPW Tournament of Minds group work

Meeting at lunch and recess most days with a few after school and weekend practices they were ready to perform last Sunday at Flinders University. They competed against 21 other primary schools in their category. They then worked as a team to respond in a spontaneous challenge.

“It was a great opportunity to develop our social skills. We really had to work with others and make sure that we got along to achieve what we wanted to achieve” Bian B. 5DK

Whilst there wasn’t a final placing we are all very proud of their performance and the team work they have developed and displayed along the way. The wide range of communication, thinking, social, self-management and technology skills they have developed and used throughout was reflected in their performance.

“It wasn’t about winning; it has been about the skills we have learnt as a team along the way”. Lisa T. 5DK

“We had to think on our feet a lot. Using our communication skills of listening and sharing ideas helped us to be successful”. Laila C. 5DK

Thanks to all those who were involved in supporting our students for another exciting and rewarding opportunity at St Peter’s Woodlands.

Thank you to Lisa Harris, PYP and Enrichment Coordinator, for sharing this story.