5 Year Master Building Plan Unveiled

25 November 2022

St Peter’s Woodlands’ 5 Year Master Building Plan unveiled

The school has certainly been a hive of activity this year as far as building is concerned. With three major projects completed and more exciting projects on the horizon, St Peter’s Woodlands remains committed to ensuring the difference truly is “extraordinary” when it comes to our facilities. It’s never taken for granted the incredible amount of space the children have to enjoy and explore here on our school grounds, this is a luxury not afforded to many schools, particularly those that need to share the resources with a Senior School.

Although not mentioned on the Masterplan Video, the current Year 3 & 4 classrooms are in our sights once the current suite of building projects have been completed. Next year the St Peter’s Woodlands School Foundation, will outline how the community may be involved in helping some of our more ambitious plans come to fruition. There are exciting times ahead, so watch this space!

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