New First Steps Room

17 February 2023

Our new First Steps ELC Room, Ramsgate, is up and running.

Late last year construction for the additional First Steps classroom began in the ELC, and this year we have officially opened the Ramsgate door to 27 new children. It is wonderful to see the room come to life with 15 children each day filling the space with laughter and play.

The children have settled in well as they begin to become familiar with their daily routines and explore the grounds of the school, including Nature Play, Braested Oval and Pier St Playground.

The children enjoy participating in morning group time with their room educators. This involves music and movement, story time, checking the weather and counting and naming the children in class for the day.

Over the first few weeks of Term 1, the children in Ramsgate have shown an interest in lots of experiences, including outdoor play, painting, and cutting paper being just some of the highlights! We look forward to watching them grow throughout the year with the support of the educators.

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